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Beauty for Ashes

Beauty for Ashes is the women’s ministry of Adventures in Missions. We exist to share God’s restoration, hope, and healing with women through ministry and training.

Wholehearted Quiet Time

Are you a new Christian that needs help developing a daily quiet time with God? Wholehearted can get you started on this journey. Checkout their product line as well as their blog for encouragement.

Vanderly Life Coach

Many times, hurts from the past can affect the way we parent our children. If you are a mother, and you are finding difficulty in your journey, reach out to Vanderly for ongoing help through her life coaching sessions.

Soul Shepherding

Are you a Christian leader looking to deepen your intimacy with God? Do you desire to help those around you deepen their intimacy but aren’t quite sure how? At Soul Shepherding, free resources, blogs, podcasts, classes and more are offered to today’s Christian leader’s. Check out the website to find out how they can help you!

Sounds of Freedom

God speaks in many ways and one of the most profound ways is through music. Connect with God, hear His voice, and enter into the Holy of Holy’s as Jessica composes anointed, prophetic music specifically for you. God speaking through music is transformative!

Spacious Place Ministries

Check out our ministry partner Spacious Place for more retreats in the South Florida area.

Dream Interpretation

“Your dreams are meant to propel you into greater intimacy with the One true God who made you and cares for you deeply! Your dreams are meant to calibrate your direction and purpose so you fulfill the reason you are alive. Your dreams are personal pictures telling the story written on your soul inviting you to come to God to be made whole, free, and full of joy!”

Reach out to Vanderly to learn what your dreams might be saying to you!

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