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Who Am I?

Identity Retreat

Coming Soon

When we don’t understand who we were created to be, we struggle to live out our God-given purposes. A shaky foundation within our identity robs us of the joy that comes when you have a thorough understanding of yourself. If you want to experience security and steadiness within yourself and your life, it starts with your identity. God has created YOU for very specific purposes and they are God’s unique fingerprints on YOUR life. At the Who Am I? retreat, we will delve into the many different facets of who you are. Beginning with what God speaks over you, we will gain a deeper understanding of our God-given identity. Then, we will take a deep dive into our personalities, core values, longings and desires, strengths, weaknesses, hobbies, and more. At the end of this retreat, you will have walked through a custom made workbook and will leave with a thorough understanding of how to walk through life feeling secure and steady as God’s unique design!

*This retreat requires approximately 1 hour of homework prior to attending.



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