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Something NEW is coming out of Sixty-One Acres! It grew from the heart and vision of Christi’s sister Kim Rea after a grand adventure with a few friends on the Appalachian Trail. Read her story…


61 Miles was birthed out of hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2021. Turning 50 can mean different things for so many of us, but for me it meant a challenge of 50 miles for 50 years! A challenge to set a task I’ve never done before and complete it – the challenge of a strenuous hike, sleeping on the rocky landscapes, no bathrooms, carrying a much too heavy pack on my back for 50 ascending and descending miles – and it felt so exciting! So I invited a few of my dearest friends to join in on the adventure. We trained for about 6 months as best as we could living in the wonderful flat state of Florida, and with great expectation we set off onto the great trail of the A.T.! Little did we know, the experience would forever change each of us.

Being on the Trail brought healing, growth, and despite its difficulties, a calmness that allowed for an appointment with God. Hiking not only became a definite part of me, it also became a spiritual walk within me. We were hiking with the High King! Our spirit with His spirit in one accord, step by step. He gave us the steadfast determination to not give up when we’d had enough. He was with us every step of our journey. He’s always with us, with you, in every joyful moment and every heartache – He’s hiking along with you and me!

Another thing that may happen on an extended hike is being given a new name by your fellow hikers according to your personality, a funny quirk they notice, an event, or something else they see in you. During a frustrating and difficult area on the trail, one of my friends sarcastically called me Sunny. Determined that nothing was going to spoil this trip, not even the rain, wind, and freezing temperatures, I gladly accepted the name and was referred to as Sunny the rest of our time. I am so thankful for that ray of sunshine the Lord gave me on the trail, because He’s the One who got me through!

A short time after our expedition, as I was going back over the little journals I wrote and miles tallied, I realized that we had hiked more than 50 miles. What we thought was 50 miles for 50 years ended up being 61 miles!

God is so good at working out a bigger plan than what we intend. He began a vision in me near to my heart and here we are now with 61 Miles, a hiking ministry where we can experience God’s beautiful creation together, hear His voice, build stronger friendships, and hike with the HIGH KING!

“Blessed are those who make You their strength, for they treasure every step of the journey.”  Psalm 84:5

His Hiker,

So what is 61 Miles?

61 Miles is a series of hikes at various parks in the Polk County area that total 61 miles. Hiking can be one of the most spiritually and physically rewarding activities you can do for yourself and our desire is for you to experience what we experienced on the Appalachian Trail- the place of inspiration for this ministry. Learn More.

Hikes will begin in February 2023.

Interested in what the hiking trails will be? Find out HERE.

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