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Doubt is something we all deal with. We question and doubt decisions, we doubt our abilities, and often we doubt the Voice of God. We are taught to use logic to solve our problems, instead of listening for His Voice. We are taught to think our way out of things, using only our rationality and brain power instead of enthroning the Spiritual Power that lives inside of us as believers. We are taught that the physical world is the most real world when in reality the spiritual world is more real than anything you can possibly see or touch! We are taught all of these things not necessarily through words but through simply living life. Even well-meaning Christians teach these things by way of a religious spirit!

Although Tanya, (the woman we have journeyed with HERE and HERE) had most definitely been hearing God’s Voice, she still doubted. God had revealed things to her heart and healed her hurts in the Beauty For Ashes retreat and He had shown her what abiding looks like at the Abide retreat. Yet, she still experienced doubt. She still questioned, “What if it’s just me thinking these things up? How do I REALLY know if it is God?” She arrived to her Hearing God retreat carrying these doubts and feeling nervous. But there was a willingness in her heart to hear from the Lord and she didn’t pull back.

Learning to truly hear God’s Voice in your life is deeply transformative. It will take you from living the status-quo life to living an exciting and adventure-filled life with Jesus. Only when you begin listening for God’s Voice every day, in every way, can you begin to actually start trusting Him. Each time He speaks, you will learn of His faithfulness. He NEVER goes back on His Word; His Word always stands and He will be Faithful to prove it!

During Tanya’s retreat, two words kept coming to her mind: faith and transformed. Regarding these words, Tanya says:

“During my quiet time with Jesus, the word faith was heavy on my mind. I looked up the word and I kept reading things like trust, confidence, and loyalty. Then, during our discussion time, a sister at the retreat spoke about the word faith. I kept hearing this same word over and over! I said to myself, ‘Ok Lord, is this You? I feel like this is the word I need from You right now!'”

Sometimes, learning in a group can be the best way! When we are all hearing the same lessons and then applying them and sharing together, it builds a deeper understanding and knowing in your heart.  Have you noticed how it is often easier to recognize something in someone else rather than yourself? The same is true for learning to decipher God’s Voice. When daughters of God come together in community with the common goal of listening for God’s Voice, He is faithful to speak! And when we are together in a group, sharing what God is impressing on our hearts, it builds trust and confidenceFAITHin ourselves and others. Tanya got to experience this gift of learning together when her fellow sister spoke about faith and she encourages us that “when a word won’t leave your mind, just go with it and dig deeper into itTHAT is God!”

The weekend continued for Tanya in a powerful way:

“During the different parts of the weekend my quiet time with God became more intense. Taking a walk outside and spending time in nature is so healing to me. As I let my mind relax and noticed the beauty that He created all around me, I felt God whisper, ‘Your faith in Me is growing, I am pouring it into your heart!’ I felt something changing in me. Then, I sat down, right there in the grass, and wrote what I was feeling. I haven’t been one to journal much and so this was hard for me, but I did it! I felt a transformation of sorts- from the inside out. Although I was a bit unsure, I was simultaneously bursting with this love! I didn’t want to mess up this feeling by stumbling thru this journey or forcing feelings that were not truly happening from God. This is where the word ‘faith’ came in to play- I just needed confidence, not fear. I felt like an actual butterfly coming out of its cocoon and flying high beyond what I thought was possible in hearing Him. He was saying to me: ‘faith over fear.’

Each of us has to come to the point that Tanya did. We have to choose to believe God. Not just believe IN Him, but actually believe that He is in us and He is speaking to us. We live what we believe. If you are a Christian, are you living what you say you believe? Do you listen for His Voice regularly? Is it a LIFESTYLE for you or is Christianity just something you go through the motions with? Life with Jesus becomes who you are- you become intertwined with the Savior and He is a part of you that is as real as the hair on your head! Listen as Tanya describes her relationship this way:

“Having solitude time with God has taught me so much on how to grow my relationship with Him. Slow and steady. Letting my heart, mind, and soul just be with Him has changed everything for me. Life is not perfect by any means, but my faith is strong and anchored in Jesus Christ. I can truly say that this retreat has been the greatest blessing in helping me recognize that I do hear Him in different ways made just for me! My journey does not look the same as others and that is awesome. God has a relationship with each of us that is truly unique and special. Hearing God has never been sweeter!”


– Christi


Our upcoming Hearing God retreat is March 9-12, 2023!

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